I fucking love her


One Direction Super Show - Toyota Vios Interview (1/5)

I love how this was filmed. 

Work Bitch

Work Bitch

If I wasn’t a fan already, Little Mix’s performance of Move on the X Factor definitely made me a mixer.

So were going to appreciate a lot of things about this Little Things performance.

  1. The quality of it
  2. Harry staring at Niall intensely at the beginning
  3. Louis being fucking gorgeous with his fringe and his voice and it sounds weak and soft and perfect all at the same time
  4. Liam sitting by Niall and staring at him and being dumb and asking him if it’s true and repeating the lyrics to Niall to just bug him
  5. If you look at Harry’s legs, then call the police cause I’m not having it.
  6. Niall’s arched eyebrow manuever and smile when singing his solo
  7. Niall’s laugh during his solo
  8. Liam’s beat boxing of course
  9. Zayn’s just pure form of himself.

JT Rock in Rio

JT Rock in Rio


Little Things- One Direction [Boston] (by HeyItsEmmaKate

Not my video but this is the concert i went to in Boston…..IT WAS SO LOUD AND SO BRIGHT FROM ALL THE LIGHTS

Louis is so adorable! I can’t! Nialls smiles!

Best Song Ever Live