I think about louis oops t shirt and my blood pressure increases

A lot of people having doubts about Larry saying louis deleted the tweet.

Yeah louis came home from filming a music video in the freezing cold all day and sat down and went through the archives of time to delete one tweet. That’s definitely what happened…

They took away something that I couldn’t even believe was real when I looked at it because of how much fond and affection was in the tweet and they just snatched it. It was probably the 3rd most retweeted tweet on twitter and they KNEW it was proof. Management, this means war. 

The “always in my heart” tweet is gone.


fuck louis and his smile and his ability to light up a room with his presence.

I live for Jealous Louis.

Imagine watching Louis in the studio, trying to relax himself and get his voice ready and him sipping his tea and releasing all of his emotions onto the song and sorry.

Eleanor be at louis game like

Eleanor be at louis game like




I feel bad for admiring Louis height cause we all know that’s probably one of his insecurities. Cause I know if I was around 5’8, I wouldn’t like it. 

Imagine the boys singing something great at the where we are tour and all the lights go out, then the spotlight hits Louis and its just him, acapella, singing the conclusion of the song, and then it all goes black and you just hear the crowd roar.