That’s right.

That’s right.


Me two years ago drunk off my ass trying to reanact the queen

Britney Jean wasn’t the BEST album by Britney obviously. It had a few good tracks that I jam to but at the end of the day I give it a C-. However, I’m not gonna lose faith in her as an artist because she had one sketchy album out of 7 great ones. And If I DID feel that way, I wouldn’t rate someone on the type of stan they are if they feel different towards that. 

Britney should bring David up on stage during Freakshow and then her and the dancer’s can drag the shit out of him.

For the people that still judge Britney to this day

If you had to deal with THIS everyday, you would go crazy too.

Britney looked like a straight up barbie doll on her first tour

I’m gonna watch Britney: For the Record

I hope there’s a vendetta version of Perfume aimed towards David and that girl he cheated on Britney with.

Britney Spears is a strong independent iconic queen who dosen’t need awards to prove that she’s better than your favs cause she proved her ultimate dominance in the music industry by the time she was of the legal age of 21. 

*grunts for britney while watching her dance*

Gimme Food (A Gimme More remix)

Everytime I open my fridge

Just wanna go that extra mile for food

Public display of cholesterol

Feel’s like so much weight left to lose

We can chow down like there’s no one around

We keep on eating, we keep on eating

Buttons are burstin but I’m still thirstin for more food…more food

Feels like my stomachs saying

Gimme Gimme Food

Gimme, Gimme Gimme Food (x8)

Ps - I made this up at lunch 7 years ago